TRACT Therapeutics is pursuing autoimmune indications that are highly dependent on toxic drug therapy.

There are currently 3.1 million Americans living with an inflammatory bowel disease. As a result of their disease, most patients face challenges that have an emotional and physical impact on their lives that interfere with everyday activities such as going to work or participating in activities.

Reports also indicate that there are 24 million Americans suffering from at least one autoimmune disease. The use of Tregs  (TregCel™) for autoimmune disease shows initial promise for transferring the disease to a remission state without the use of harmful, toxic drug therapy.

Inherited defects in Tregs has been associated with a clinical phenotype of autoimmune disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease. CD4 T cell subsets of Tregs are known to be deficient in Crohn’s Disease and depletion of Treg cells and imbalance of Treg to T effector cells plays a key role in the pathogenesis of Crohn’s Disease.  A Phase 1B Safety and Efficacy clinical trial in Crohn’s Disease is planned as the initial investigation into this important indication.