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Significant research grants contributed to early development research and preclinical studies essential to the formation of TRACT Therapeutics, Inc.

Additional capital raised from early investors supported the completion of a Phase I Kidney Transplant Clinical Trial. The Company completed a Series A financing of $15 million to provide the infrastructure to support the development of this important product.


Early clinical success achieved in organ transplantation.


A disruptive commercial opportunity to reduce or eliminate life-long toxic immunosuppressive drugs required to treat patients in autoimmune and transplant sectors; significant economic impact saving billions of dollars in United States healthcare each year.


An immune system platform therapeutic set to transform physician treatment practices for both autoimmune and transplantation sectors.


U.S. and European patent applications filed for novel method and composition discoveries.


Commanding competitive advantages in clinical/safety, manufacturing scalability, clinical reach, market potential and production costs that create extreme requirements for any future competitors.


PCT patent application filed for novel treatment method.

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