What is the TRACT CryoBanking Program?
The Company has launched a program to collect and store peripheral blood from those who wish to bank their immune cells for treatments that may become available in the future.  Treatments that could one day cure some of our most serious diseases.

Who Should Consider this Program?
Anyone who has been placed on the “waiting list” for a kidney or other organ should consider participating in the program now. Donating your blood containing robust immune cells when you are generally in good health provides the best chance that the donation will be of the highest quality.

What is in Store for the Future?
There is no denying the incredible medical value of banked immune cells. Researchers are exploring new uses every day in autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation.

Join Us Now For Your Future!  

For additional information regarding cost, please contact Gretchen Johnson at (312) 587-0087 or email at gjohnson@tracttherapeutics.com.